Our Core Values

At DEC, conservation and sustainability are at the heart of all our projects; they are our core values, the principles to which the company is dedicated, and from which it derives its goals and its practices.

In the 21st century, sustainable engineering must be more than pipes and pumps and plumbing. A responsibly-realized system must be planned from the very beginning to maximize available resources, consume a minimum of non-renewable resources, and mitigate environmental impact.

DEC understands these principles, and applies them at every stage of its project involvement, from feasibility studies to system planning, from energy surveys to system design, from cost planning and financial benefit analysis to tendering and construction supervision.

In today’s world, a company must foster a culture of respect and responsibility, and must provide the leadership needed to apply and sustain that culture. These, along with experience, knowledge and creativity are the criteria of excellence – criteria met and exceeded every day by DEC.


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