CRD Wastewater Heat Recovery

Saanich, British Columbia, Canada – Completed in 2011

This Capital Regional District directed wastewater heat recovery project connects waste heat captured from the Saanich Peninsula wastewater treatment plant (SPWWTP) to the pool at the Panorama Recreation Centre. The system is designed to incorporate other adjacent facilities including: two ice rinks, an office building, greenhouses, and a school, as well as extend out into the nearby residential community of nearly 500 homes. The plans to expand the DES into the community is awaiting approval.

The heat exchange system at the SPWWTP extracts heat from the plant effluent and transfers it to the clean water circulating in the District Energy Sharing System (DESS) loop pipes. The pipes take water from the heat exchange building at the SPWWTP to the Panorama Recreation mini-plant and back. The mini-plant consists of a heat pump that takes energy from the DESS loop, raises the temperature to a useful level where it is used in the pool’s heat exchangers to heat the pool.

CRD Plans

The heat provided by the pool mini-plant replaces natural gas-fired boilers and the estimated annual energy cost saving for the pool system is $77,000, resulting in a further estimated reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions of 560 tonnes ($14,000 in GHG credits).

As the Mechanical Engineer of the DESS related services, DEC provided the engineering and project management expertise to design and construct the district heating and cooling infrastructure, as well as provided the mechanical engineering required for interconnecting the buildings.

NOTE: This system is the winner of the following award:

  • Community Excellence Award, Best Practices, General (Honorable Mention) from the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM);
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