Similar to the popular Triple-Bottom Line philosophy, DEC has internally nurtured an effective mantra for the advancement of innovative engineering, environmental sustainability, and cost reduction and efficiency for building energy systems.

This mantra is made up of five key elements: DESIGN, SYSTEMS, SUSTAINABILITY, TECHNOLOGY, and ENERGY.

Each area of its business incorporates these elements striking a recipe for success for each client, project, employee, and stakeholder that DEC becomes engaged with. The effect of this mantra is being seen in our local and global communities.


Enabling critical thinking promotes imagination. An open mind believes that all things are possible. Unlimited possibilities result in an innovative DESIGN.


SYSTEMS, are simply put, a set of interacting or interdependent components. By selecting components that are fit-for-purpose continual iterative development and improvement are possible.


The age-old adage about keeping it simple really is what SUSTAINABILITY is all about. With a foundation of the basic proven principles of sustainable building design, the integration of the latest technological advancements become game changers.


Real change happens when there is an equal balance of people motivated to make a difference and the use of TECHNOLOGY that enables it.


ENERGY empowers, moves, shapes, transforms, and enables amazing possibilities. True innovators believe that what is seen is only the cusp, but that the real potential is far greater than that which can be imagined.